#94--Phytonutrients: The 1% that makes ALL the Difference (w/Dr Fahey)

Episode 94 June 10, 2023 00:51:13
#94--Phytonutrients:  The 1% that makes ALL the Difference (w/Dr Fahey)
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#94--Phytonutrients: The 1% that makes ALL the Difference (w/Dr Fahey)

Jun 10 2023 | 00:51:13


Show Notes

Today we are talking about phytonutrients, which is science speak for the good stuff in plants that isn’t counted as carb, fat or protein, or as fiber or vitamin or mineral.  Phytonutrients are the 1% that make all the difference.

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Dr Jed Fahey Bio

Dr. Fahey is a nutritional biochemist with extensive background in plant and human nutrition and phytochemistry.

Links to checkout:

Phytonutrients you've heard about (there's 1-5 million more):

Books Dr Fahey recommends:

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